Janaira Q.

I highly recommend Philippe as a leadership coach. I have studied leadership and held numerous management positions, and still his coaching allowed me to make progress. Philippe empowered me to explore areas where I was getting "stuck" and challenged me to think differently about them. The process was challenging, but the whole time I felt connected and supported. No matter what level you are at, I suggest that you allow Philippe to help you have your own breakthrough! See less

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Maylén R. R.

I worked with Philippe on my goal to increase my physical activity and rebuild healthy habits after pregnancy and childbirth. Philippe reflected back to me what I was saying about what was holding me back. I realized I was making tons of excuses that were silly, in order to avoid prioritizing my health. I understood that I was fully capable of breaking bad habits and kickstarting new ones in this new stage of my life as a mother. With great humor and a personable style, Philippe held me accountable and helped me make a plan. It's been two months since our session, and I've started to exercise almost every day and reclaimed a healthy diet. I've lost 8 lbs, regained confidence, and I feel great! I highly recommend Philippe as a coach.

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Woman on Zip Line