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Because coaching changed my life in unexpected ways, it was time for me to give back what I have learned to better my clients' leadership abilities.

As a Ph.D. student, my studies concentrate on two key topics: Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in corporations around the globe.

My research added to a few years of coaching led me to a harsh realization:

Diversifying a company’s workforce is instrumental in their success, although this strategy does not climb the corporate ladder.  When there is a will to diversify the executive offices and boardrooms of corporate America, success is exponential.  Yet, after much concentration on diversity, the reality at the top still reflects an unwillingness to change.

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As an executive coach, my mission is not only to help executives deal with issues they encounter in their everyday life, but also to give an opportunity to misrepresented minorities to uncover their leadership potential. My coaching sessions will assist you in finding the tools to break the glass ceiling that prevents you from reaching the top of your organization.



These coaching sessions will enhance your ability to find your own resources to become a champion at what you do, be recognized by your peers as an essential addition to the workforce and become an asset to top executives.


Through coaching,  you will enhance your potentials, develop your strengths, be recognized by your peers as an essential addition to your organization, and be seen as an asset to top executives. You'll soon become that champion everyone seeks out and the first person they think of when a new opportunity arises


In order for future generations to grow in a more inclusive society, my coaching sessions will provide minorities the opportunity to become the key decision-making stakeholders of our society.

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